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Sneeuwlandschap 2011 van June

Nashenka zegt: Internet-Ldv. Ik heb geweend toen dat meisje zonder boe of bah de verbinding afgebroken heeft, mijn blog niet meer volgde en de hare niet meer toegankelijk was. De prachtige uiltekening in de zijkant  herinnert mij steeds aan haar.

Making America Great Through Exploitation, Servitude and Abuse

By James Petras
Can anyone say with a straight face that the US remains a nation of free and autonomous citizens?    
Nadja sagt: Freiheit die sie meinen!

Woman Dragged Out of West Virginia House Hearing (Video)

For Listing Oil and Gas Contributions to Members 
Nadja sagt: Freedom of Speech? Forget it!

Eberswalde beweist: Die Aktionseinheit ist unaufhaltsam…

von Hyoksin A.I.P. 18 02 18

Auf Einladung von Lesern des RotFuchs‚ Eberswalde und Umgebung weilte eine Abordnung der Juche-Studiengruppe Berlin für einen Vortrag über die DVR Korea in Eberswalde. An der Veranstaltung nahmen neben RotFuchs-Lesern auch Mitglieder der DKP, der Partei Die Linke und Sympathisanten, Kommunisten ohne Parteibuch und ehrliche Verteidiger der sozialistischen Idee teil.
In gewohnt professioneller und kämpferischer Manier wurde der Lichtbildvortrag über eine Reise in die DVR Korea auf Einladung des ZK der ruhmreichen Partei der Arbeit Koreas (PdAK) dargeboten. Zu unserer Überraschung gab es weder Provokationen noch Ermüdungserscheinungen sondern nach über 3-stündigem Vortrag belebte Diskussionen über heikle Themen und durchaus kontroverse Ansichten mit den Anwesenden, die wir alle zur Zufriedenheit Aller beantworten und Vorurteile entkräften konnten. Zu kritischen Fragen gerade junger Menschen (über deren Anwesenheit wir uns sehr gefreut haben) konnten wir kluge Antworten geben. Für uns war entscheidend, nicht das Trennende zu suchen, sondern das Vereinende zu finden, frei nach dem Motto von Erich Weinert… Wir fragen euch nicht nach Verband und Partei, seid ihr nur ehrlich im Kampf mit dabei gegen Unrecht und Reaktion. Natürlich ist uns klar, dass junge Menschen in dem vorherrschenden Unrechtssystem von diesem – gewollt oder ungewollt – geprägt sind. Doch wir geben jedem geduldig aufrichtig Antwort, denn sie sind ja Opfer des Systems und nicht „böse“ geboren.
Nadja sagt: Eberswalde! Das gibt doch etwas Heimatgefühle, und dazu für ein sehr guter Zweck!

Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018

Key to Mending Inter-Korean Relations Is National Independence: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- The anti-reunification conservative forces of south Korea are running wild with confrontation ruckus and the U.S. is freaking out to block the climate of reconciliation and peace between the north and the south being created on the Korean peninsula and to realize its ambition to strangle the DPRK, Rodong Sinmun Sunday says in an article.
But, such vicious obstructive moves can never reverse the trend of the times heading towards the improvement of inter-Korean relations and the independent reunification, the article stresses, adding:
What is all the more important in repairing the inter-Korean relations and achieving national unity and reunification is to solve any issue regarding the inter-Korean relations on the basis of the firm stand of national independence, not depending upon outsiders, now that the U.S. and the south Korean conservative forces' moves to hamper reunification have reached the zenith.
Independence is a way for improvement of inter-Korean relations, peace and reunification, whereas dependence on the outsiders is the apple of discord that stokes mistrust and standoff between the fellow countrymen and increases the danger of a nuclear war.
The relations between the north and the south were driven into the worst state of catastrophe during the conservative regime in south Korea. It's because the conservative ruling forces had only indulged in sycophancy and treachery and standoff with fellow countrymen, crying out for "priority to the relations" and "strengthened alliance" with the U.S.
Nine-year tenure of office by the conservatives provided a serious lesson that the inter-Korean relations will not evade doom if they turn their faces away from the principle of By Our Nation Itself and run amuck in confrontation with fellow countrymen by cooperating with and throwing in their lot with the outside forces.
A fundamental key to mending the inter-Korean relations is to solve all issues under the unfurled banner of national independence.
The anti-reunification forces at home and abroad still present a vicious challenge but no ordeals and difficulties can shake the will of the Korean nation desiring the improved north-south relations and the country's reunification. -0-

KCNA Commentary Slams Vicious Farce of Trump Group

Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- The Trump group has become extremely embarrassed by the atmosphere for inter-Korean reconciliation daily mounting as occasioned by the 23rd Winter Olympics.
A typical example is the "possibility of defection" of our personnel dispatched to the south which is given much publicity through U.S. media.
CNN and CBS of the U.S. reported that more than 500 north Koreans are staying in south Korea, "better-off and free", and the north side authorities are closely monitoring them because of the possibility of their "defection" during the Olympics.
They even said that north Korean athletes attempted "defection" in the middle of international games in the past, adding if the similar thing happens, the north can not but be embarrassed and the south side authorities may be put in an awkward situation.
By putting into use the defectors of sportsperson and artiste origin, they went vicious to shake the pure minds of our people through such rhetoric as "round-the-clock surveillance" and "the first look at the rich and democratic neighbor".
The rubbish made by CNN and CBS is a hideous anti-DPRK farce being orchestrated at the instruction and under the manipulation by the Trump group including the Central Intelligence Agency, upset by the present north-south relations wrapped by enthusiasm for reconciliation and unity.
In his recent "state of the union address", Trump viciously slandered the DPRK while raising "human rights issue". Not content with it, he met "defectors from the north", and the vice-president visiting south Korea took human scum to the "Warship Cheonan Memorial" where he made vituperation against the DPRK, shocking the world.
The wild act of the Trump group keen on turning the Olympics, symbol of peace, into a theatre for confrontation with the DPRK would only reveal its dirty nature as the kingpin of plot-breeding.
The Trump group bluffed about "calm before storm" and "fire and fury". Now it is using such human scum for the petty scheme.
Tragic is that the Trump group is going reckless, not realizing the transparent faith of the Korean people in socialism which can never be imitated, their mental power based on single-minded unity and the Koreans' strong desire for improved north-south ties and reunification.
The Trump group had better not exhaust themselves, giving up the pipe dream of "collapse of the system in the north" which can never come true.
It has to bear in mind that the south Koreans and all other Koreans see through the dirty nature of the U.S. as a cancer-like entity standing in the way of peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula in its perverse and obstructive acts of chilling the efforts for the improvement of the north-south ties.
The U.S. must no longer go arrogant to interfere in the internal affairs of the Korean nation. -0-

Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

DPRK People Enjoy Lunar New Year's Day

Pyongyang, February 17 (KCNA) -- People in the DPRK greeted Lunar New Year's Day.
On this occasion, servicepersons, working people and youth and schoolchildren visit the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and mosaics picturing their smiling images on Mansu Hill and other parts of the country to pay tribute to them.
It is a custom of the Korean nation to put up New Year's greetings to elders ahead of others in the morning.
Jon Kum Ok, a resident in Rangnang District, Pyongyang, told KCNA that she prepared rice dumpling soup, steamed rice-cake and fruit punch for families and relatives.
Okryu Restaurant, Chongryu Restaurant and other public catering establishments in Pyongyang are crowded with people enjoying Lunar New Year's Day.
And colorful art performances are given in different parts of the country, adding a festive mood.
Seen at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang and other parts of the country are schoolchildren playing folk games like Taekwon-Do, kite-flying, top spinning, shuttlecock and rope-skipping. -0-

Pence Ridiculed

Pyongyang, February 17 (KCNA) -- Leading newspapers of the DPRK on Saturday carry a signed commentary deriding U.S. Vice-President Pence.
Noting that Pence did not take his place wherever he went during his south Korea visit, being a common object of hatred, the commentary says:
Notably when our high-level delegation came up to him, he dared not look at it.
On the afternoon of Feb. 9 he was late at the pre-opening reception as he had a photo session with Japanese Prime Minister Abe and in less than five minutes after his appearance at the event stealthily disappeared not listening to the congratulatory speech.
At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, too, he took the seat just before our delegation but did not dare turn his eyes towards it.
His behavior reminded one of a criminal wishing to sink through the floor.
Recalling that Pence said he didn't require any contact with the north Korean delegation and he asked the south side authorities to fix schedule not to encounter it, the commentary goes on:
In this regard, the DPRK made clear its stand that it has never begged the U.S. for dialogue and will never do so in the future, too, that the DPRK has no intention to meet with the U.S. side during the visit to south Korea and that it doesn't want to use the sports festival such as the Winter Olympics as a political leverage nor feel the necessity.
After all, Pence, a backseat driver, had to go back to his den after exposing himself to public disgrace.
As seen in Pence's recent tour of south Korea the harder the Trump group resorts to such foolish acts, the more vividly the miserable face of the beleaguered U.S. is laid bare.
If Trump and his group want to avoid more disgrace and shame before eyes of the world, they had better reflect on all their crimes against the DPRK and honestly regret for having sent such human scum as Pence to the gathering of peace. -0-

Winter Sports Instead of Nuclear War
By Eric Margolis
Pence, an ardent fundamentalist protestant, was sent to show the flag and rally opposition to any détente with North Korea. 

Rural Christian White America – Raw Story

An Insider Explains How Rural Christian White America Has A Dark And Terrifying Underbelly
By Forsetti's Justice
In deep-red America, the white Christian god is king, figuratively and literally. 

Wat gebeur in Suid-Afrika?

John Pilger: How the People of South Africa Were Misled and Can Rise Again 
By Eric Ortiz 
Why the struggle for freedom in South Africa has yet to be won and why a form of apartheid still rules  

South African President Jacob Zuma resigns after his party pressured him to step down amid corruption allegations

South Africa's ruling party finally turns against Zuma  

John Pilger: South Africa: 20 years of apartheid by another name
Nadja sê: Dit is 'n "ver van my bed show", maar binnekort stel ek my nuuskierige reisgids voor

Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Stamps Issued to Mark 76th Birth Anniversary of Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- The State Stamp Bureau of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea produced new stamps (one sheet and one individual) in celebration of the 76th birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.
Seen on the upper part of the stamps were letters reading "Celebration of 76th Birth Anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il" and "Juche 31(1942)-Juche 107 (2018)".
A sheet depicting the statue of Kim Jong Il in Samjiyon County helps recall the brilliant revolutionary career and feats of the peerless patriot who provided the eternal foundation for the prosperity of the country and happiness of posterity to realize his noblest patriotic desire for building a powerful country all his life.
A stamp portrays Jong Il Peak towering high reflective of the spirit of February and Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp, mental mainstay of the Korean army and people. -0-

US-Verleumderische Aufwärmung Warmbier- Affäre

Statement by Director of Press, Institute for American Studies of DPRK FM
Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- The director of the press of the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry made public the following statement on Thursday:
The United States is again kicking up a defamation campaign against the DPRK, intentionally attributing Warmbier's death to the latter.
Obviously, Warmbier is a criminal who was sentenced to reform through labor on March 16, 2016 under the relevant DPRK law on a charge of anti-DPRK hostile acts committed under an instruction from U.S. agency engaged in anti-DPRK plot.
It is none other than the present U.S. administration that has an answer to the reason why Warmbier suddenly died less than one week after his return to U.S. in normal physical condition.
In this regard, it is worth reminding of one incident that Hunziker, an American citizen who illegally entered the DPRK territory on August 24, 1996 and returned home on November 27 same year in good health, thanks to our humanitarian measure, accompanied by Bill Richardson, the then U.S. House representative, died less than one month after his return. At that time, U.S. completely ignored and mentioned no word at all of his death.
Though Warmbier was a criminal who committed hostile acts against the DPRK, we took the measure, pursuant to the decision of the Central Court dated June 13, 2017, of allowing him to return home from humanitarian point of view, in consideration of repeated requests from the current U.S. administration and his bad health.
Nonetheless, Trump group is kicking up a fuss of denunciation against the DPRK, intentionally linking Warmbier's death to the latter. It is a manifestation of crafty intention aimed at making justification for tarnishing our international image, stirring up an international pressure and vindicating its attempt to stifle us by force, as Trump group is terrified at the strength of the DPRK that has made a dignified rise to the status of strategic state.
It is not accidental that there is an assessment coming from U.S. that the present administration's increased move of taking up the DPRK's "human rights" issue amounts to an attempt for "regime change".
Trump group is even resorting to ridiculous action of dragging those human scum, who committed crimes of treason against the nation and fled to south Korea, into anti-DPRK plot. But, it only highlights how much U.S. fears the DPRK.
The disgraceful moves of Trump group teach us that any humanitarian approach or leniency towards U.S. is a total taboo, and our determination grows stronger to further sharpen the blade of law.
U.S. would be well advised to mind its own miserable human rights record full of all social disturbances and bloody tragic events caused by Trump's unbridled remarks of advocating for white supremacy and racism, which are subject to international curse and denunciation.
U.S. should demonstrate prudence and self-restraint, bearing in mind that it shall pay a high price for all consequences to follow in case it continues to stick to anti-DPRK plot, groundlessly pointing a finger at the alleged DPRK's "human rights" issue. -0-

Heiße Kufen:

Dokumentation eines Zeitzeugen um die Disqualifikation der DDR-Rodlerinnen bei den Olympischen Spielen 1968 in Grenoble - Teil 2
von Thomas Köhler, Olympiasieger 1968 Grenoble

....Nachdem unsere Mädchen ihre Läufe erfolgreich absolvierten, wurde der Mannschaftsleiter der DDR, Horst Briesemeister, in das Zielhaus gerufen, kehrte aber nach wenigen Minuten zurück, nachdem ihm mitgeteilt wurde, dass es ein Irrtum gewesen sei, ihn zu rufen. Kurz danach erfolgte für den Mannschaftsleiter eine zweite Aufforderung über den Bahnlautsprecher, sich im Zielhaus einzufinden. Hier wurde er durch den Präsidenten der Internationalen Förderation, dem Österreicher Bert Isatitsch in Kenntnis gesetzt, dass die Jury die drei DDR-Starterinnen wegen Erwärmen der Kufen disqualifiziert hat.
Weiter lesen:
Nadja sagt: Teil 1 befindet sich ebenda. 

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Sage es mit Blumen

22nd Kimjongilia Festival Opens 
Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The 22nd Kimjongilia Festival opened with due ceremony at the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Exhibition here Tuesday to mark the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.
Seen at the festival venue are photos of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.
Its theme is "Kimjongilia in full bloom in Juche Korea displaying its honor as the great power".
On show at the festival are tens of thousands of potted Kimjongilias cultivated by many units, including armed forces organs, ministries and national institutions, working people from all walks of life and school youth and children.
Also on display are flowers in praise of leader Kim Jong Il cultivated with much care by overseas compatriots' organizations including the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), overseas compatriots, diplomatic missions of various countries and international bodies here, friendship and solidarity organizations and personages of different countries.
Present at the opening ceremony were Pak Kwang Ho, vice-chairman of the C.C., Workers' Party of Korea, Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, Jon Kwang Ho, vice-premier of the Cabinet, and officials of the festival organizing committee and the units which presented flowers to the festival, servicepersons and working people.
Also attending it were overseas compatriots and foreign guests who came here to take part in the 22nd Kimjongilia Festival. -0-
Nadja sagt: Das ist nicht alles, Diorama 11 Photos und Kurzfilm – Leiste rechts, Ikon KCNA-Nachrichten anklicken.

1502 Lembeek Giulia Minne zorgt voor een viergeslacht

Editiepajot-  Vijf maanden terug kon Alison Minne (23) het heugelijke nieuws melden van de geboorte van de schattige baby Giulia. Met deze geboorte heeft men er in Lembeek er een viergeslacht bij. Dit viergeslacht wordt gevormd door de trotse overgrootmoeder Liliane De Ridder (67),  grootmoeder Nathalie Demol (47), moeder Alison Minne (23) en de kleine Giulia Minne (5 maanden).
Nashenka zegt: Toffe Lembeekse Damen, schattige baby, proficiat! Aa beebeeke aaaaah! ;-)

KCNA Commentary Urges U.S. to Behave with Discretion

Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is letting out an argument that it can wage a "bloody nose operation" against the DPRK, thus touching off controversy.
It was disclosed shortly ago that coteries of the National Security Council of the White House said at a behind-the-door meeting of American experts on the Korean peninsula issue that Trump is seriously examining the "bloody nose operation" and that limited attack on the DPRK can be helpful to Trump's off-year election.
This has caused uproar of the public. Media are linking the "operation" to the facts that the appointment of the nominee as the U.S. ambassador to south Korea was withdrawn for his rejection of the hard-line military option and the U.S. nuclear strategic assets and special units are being amassed in and around the Korean peninsula, commenting that there can be a military conflict on the Korean peninsula in late March and early April after the end of the Winter Olympics.
Strong voices of concerns and denunciation of the Trump administration's military attack on the DPRK are being heard in different parts of the world, to say nothing of the U.S.
Much upset, the Trump group is reeling off pretexts that "the 'bloody nose operation' is a fiction produced by media" and "our policy goal is to put maximum pressure so as to induce north Korea into negotiating table".
The U.S. has gone reckless to attempt a military attack but this is last-ditch efforts of those driven into a tight corner due to their defeat in the DPRK-U.S. nuclear stand-off.
The U.S. can never provoke a war against the DPRK as long as the whole territory of the U.S. mainland is within the range of the DPRK's nuclear strike.
This is a stark reality whether the U.S. acknowledges or not.
It is ridiculous for the U.S. to try to browbeat the DPRK, still failing to understand the prestige and might of the DPRK which has towered as a world-level strategic state.
The U.S. has to clearly understand its rival and stop going reckless.
As the nuclear force of the DPRK targets the U.S. mainland, it would lead the U.S. to total destruction to again table the "bloody nose operation" which its predecessors discarded, being afraid of the horrible consequences.
Whether it is a limited attack or an all-out attack, provocation against the DPRK will not just make the U.S. bleed at the nose but face the end of the existence of the crime-woven state.
The U.S. Trump group should not run reckless. -0-

Korea aktuell 
Nadja sagt: Diese Bilder mußte ich UNBEDINGT EXTRA bloggen ;-)

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Denkend aan vriendin Nancy

Liefste Nannyke,
Hopelijk gaat het je goed. Als je dit bericht ziet, bevestig ik jou dat ik je nooit vergeet en steeds aan je denk.
Innige liefdevolle omhelzing,


„Wer das Weinen verlernt hat, der lernt es wieder beim Untergang von Dresden.
GERHART HAUPTMANN (15.11.1862  - 06.06.1946)



The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs

By Chris Hedges
Oligarchs, who do not serve in the military, pretend to be great patriots.
Nadja sagt: Sie da! Auch Sie glaubten daß es  Oligarchen nur im postsowjetischen Rußland gebe? Hier werden Sie anders belehrt! 


How Establishment Propaganda Gaslights Us Into Submission
By Caitlin Johnstone
The mass media has given elites the ability to effectively turn a false story that they themselves invented into an established fact.  

Kim Jong Un Meets DPRK High-Level Delegation

Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, Monday met members of the high-level delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which visited south Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics.
Present at the meeting were the members of the delegation including Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK, Choe Hwi, chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, and other suite members.
On hand there were also Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairman of the C.C., the WPK, and Jo Yong Won, vice department director of the C.C., the WPK.
Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the efforts of the members of the delegation and other suite members while shaking their hands and listened to the detailed report by them.
Kim Yong Nam made the detailed report on the activities of the delegation including its participation in the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics and visit to Chongwadae.
Kim Yo Jong who activated at the special instruction of Kim Jong Un made the detailed report on her contacts with the south side's high-level figures such as President Moon Jae In and the south side's intention and movement of the U.S. side and others which she grasped through her activities.
After receiving the delegation's report, Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over it and said that very impressive were the features of the south side which specially prioritized the visit of the members of the DPRK side who took part in the Winter Olympics including the high-level delegation making their possible and sincere efforts for the formers' convenience and activities and expressed thanks for them.
Noting that it is important to continue making good results by further livening up the warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue created by the strong desire and common will of the north and the south with the Winter Olympics as a momentum, he set forth in detail the orientation of the improvement of the north-south relations and gave important instructions to the relevant field to take practical measures for it.
He had a photo session with the members of the delegation. -0-

Montag, 12. Februar 2018

Imperialism on Trial (Video)

Must Watch - By George Galloway and Eva Bartlett 
We killed 1 million Chinese who had entered Korea to stop the advance of the British and American war machine.  

Propaganda! Pardon Me, Is Mine Really Bigger Than Yours

By Andre Vltchek
"What do you know about propaganda? You really want to see some hard-core propaganda?"
Nadja sagt: Das Beste was ich seit längere Zeit zum Thema gelesen habe!

Ursula Sillge Un-sichtbare Frauen

Lesben und ihre Emanzipation in der DDR 
Erschienen: April 1991
Ausstattung: Broschur
Format: 13,0 x 20,0 cm
Seitenzahl: 192 
ISBN: 978-3-86153-012-1
Reihe / Kategorie: Politik/Zeitgeschichte 
Dies ist die erste Buchveröffentlichung zur Situation der Lesben in der ehemaligen DDR. Die Autorin beschreibt die Entwicklungsetappen der Emanzipation von vier Jahrzehnten, wobei die vielfältigen Unterschiede zu anderen Ländern herausgearbeitet werden. Dies betrifft sowohl die strafrechtlichen Bestimmungen als auch das Selbstverständnis der informellen Gruppen sowie die Positionen zu möglichen Ehen von Lesben und dem Zusammenleben mit Kindern. Ein besonderes Kapitel ist dem engen Zusammenwirken von Lesben- und Schwulenbewegung gewidmet. 
Ursula Sillges Buch wendet sich an Interessierte im weitesten Sinne. Ihr Anspruch ist, weibliche Homosexualität so sichtbar zu machen, daß die Umwelt lernen kann, mit ihr umzugehen. So wenig sie die problematische Situation der Lesben gerade heute beschönigt, so sehr vermeidet sie es, durch Schuldzuweisungen und Feindbilder den Blick auf das zu verstellen, was zur Verbesserung der Verhältnisse getan werden kann. Hier spürt man die Herkunft der Autorin: Als gelernte DDR-Bürgerin setzt sie auf Intregration und Aufklärung. Auch ungewöhnliche Fragen, die nach der lesbischen Ehe oder verschiedenen Formen des Zusammenlebens, werden ohne Sensationslust diskutiert.
Ulrich Rautenberg, Wochenpost 
Nadja sagt: Diese Studie würde  ich zwar gerne mal lesen, aber derweil sehe ich es erstmals als ein Kuriosum. Schon richtig, Frauenliebe gab es bei uns freilich auch, es wurde aber  keine „Pride“ Schau daraus gemacht.

DPRK High-level Delegation Arrives

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) -- The high-level delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea led by Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, which attended the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics arrived here on Sunday.
"Chammae-2", a personal jet of the DPRK government flying corps, carrying the delegation aboard, took off Inchon International Airport around 21:55 and landed at Pyongyang International Airport around 22: 40.
Kim Yong Nam reviewed the guard of honor of the KPA services after receiving a salute from its first deputy chief.
Accompanying him were Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Choe Hwi, chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, and other suite members.
The delegation was greeted by senior officials of the Party and government Kim Yong Chol, Yang Hyong Sop, Ri Su Yong and Ri Yong Ho and leading officials of armed forces organs Pak Yong Sik and Choe Pu Il. -0-

Congratulatory Performance Given by DPRK Art Troupe

DPRK High-Level Delegation with Moon Jae In Enjoys Congratulatory Performance Given by DPRK Art Troupe

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) -- The high-level delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea led by Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, enjoyed a congratulatory performance given by the art troupe of the DPRK in Seoul on Sunday together with south Korean President Moon Jae In and his wife.
Among the audience were members of the DPRK high-level delegation including Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, leading members of the art troupe, Jo Myong Gyun, minister of Unification, To Jong Hwan, minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Pak Won Sun, mayor of Seoul City, and other figures and masses of the south side and foreign diplomatic envoys in Seoul.
The art troupe of the DPRK led by Kwon Hyok Bong, department director of the Ministry of Culture, and Hyon Song Wol, head of the Samjiyon Orchestra, gave a performance again in Seoul in the wake of a congratulatory performance in Kangrung of south Korea on Feb. 8 ahead of the opening of the 23rd Winter Olympics.
When the introducer conveyed the compatriotic greetings of the people of the north amid the playing of the music of prelude "Glad to See You", the spectators broke into enthusiastic applause and cheers.
Our artistes put on the stage female chorus "Fly High, Doves", light music "My Country Is Best", string ensemble and female solo "Morning Star" and other colorful numbers.
Through serial orchestra "Dear Melodies" newly and specifically depicted with world famous songs, the performers showed their excellent skills.
When our artistes sang south Korean songs, the spectators followed the songs, waving their hands, and encored songs.
When the mood of performance was being revved up, Hyon Song Wol mounted the stage, expressed her impressions about the visit to the south side and sang the song "Mts. Paektu and Halla Are Part of My Motherland", delighting the spectators.
The performance ended with choruses "Our Wish Is Reunification" and "See You Again" sung by artistes of the north and the south.
At the end of the performance, Kim Yong Nam and Kim Yo Jong together with Moon Jae In and his wife extended greetings to the performers and spectators.
Jo Myong Gyun, To Jong Hwan and Pak Won Sun mounted the stage to congratulate our artistes upon their performance, giving bouquets to them.
The performance was highly acclaimed by the spectators.
Meanwhile, the DPRK high-level delegation was invited to a luncheon hosted by Ri Rak Yon, prime minister of south Korea, on the same day.
Present at the luncheon were all the members of the DPRK high-level delegation, Jo Myong Gyun, To Jong Hwan and others concerned of the south side.
Prior to the performance, the delegation was also invited to a send-off dinner hosted by Im Jong Sok, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae.
The luncheon and dinner took place in an amicable atmosphere. -0-

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Canada Protests Shooting of Indigenous Man by White Farmer

Gerald Stanley was acquitted on Friday of the second-degree murder of 22-year-old Colten Boushie, a member of the Red Pheasant First Nation.
Protests are being staged across Canada in response to the acquittal of a White Saskatchewan farmer who fatally shot an Indigenous man. 
Further Reading: